Julieta Hsiung


Wood board assembly painting, 100 x 70 cm


Bailarina Bailarina Bailarina Bailarina

Bio-alcohol Details

Indian ink, plywood, alcohol, spray

The exploration involving alcohol emerges as a direct response to the contemplation of the Coronavirus pandemic. It prompts an examination of how the pandemic's social, cultural, and political transformations have impacted both the material and psychological aspects of human existence. In this quest, alcohol assumes the role of a research medium, offering a unique lens through which to delve into these complex dynamics.

Alcohol isn't confined solely to the realm of alcoholic beverages that have offered solace during the strains of the pandemic; it also finds its presence in disinfectant products, symbolizing the broader spectrum of its influence. Given the substantial surge in alcohol consumption during the era of COVID-19, a compelling question arises: has this liquid become an integrated part of our physical and mental makeup? It's a query that I seek to explore by blending alcohol with acrylic solution, watercolor, and ink. This artistic fusion produces imagery that abstractly mirrors the amalgamation of alcohol and organisms, conveyed through the fluid trajectory of the medium. In doing so, I propose an imaginative narrative about the evolutionary potential of this material, catalyzed by the profound social changes brought forth by the pandemic.