Julieta Hsiung

Cardboard house

Installation made by Louis Vuitton carton box, 152 x 105 x 111 cm



Cardboard house Installation made by Louis Vuitton carton box, 152 x 105 x 111 cm

TThis work's inception can be traced back to an exploration of cardboard materials, which subsequently evolved into an interactive installation. Its core purpose lies in investigating the intricate relationship between animals, encompassing humans, and the enigmatic world of cardboard.

Within this artistic endeavor, compelling questions emerge: What is it about a cardboard enclosure that elicits a sense of comfort in us? Why do both felines and children share an inexplicable attraction to this humble material? Is it due to the simplicity of its space, and if so, why doesn't this tranquility translate when we find ourselves within the confines of a concrete room? Could it be the cardboard's temperature, scent, or perhaps its color that beckons our fascination?

This installation, designed to accommodate two individuals, provides an immersive opportunity to simulate the experience of being enclosed in a cardboard environment, much like animals. Furthermore, it can be interpreted as a performance piece, inviting active participation from the public. Remarkably, the materials utilized in this creation are sourced from the packaging associated with the consumption of the same brand, giving rise to an intriguing paradox. This paradox delves into the unexpected interplay between our fundamental need for a secure sanctuary, such as a bed for rest, and the superficial allure of luxury consumption.

In essence, this artwork invites us to contemplate the beguiling allure of cardboard, prompting reflection upon its captivating qualities and, in the process, encouraging us to ponder the intricate interplay between necessity and extravagance in our lives.


Performance at We:Now in CBA (Madrid), 2022