Cardboard house/ Casa de Cartón




Louis Vuitton carton box.


casadecarton casadecarton
Performance para la exposición We:Now en CBA (Madrid), 2022.



This work originated from the study of cardboard materials and then extended to installation with interactive functions.

It attempts to investigate the relationship between animals (including human beings) and Cardboard. Why do we feel comfortable when we put ourselves in a cardboard box? Why do felines have a favorite taste for cardboard and also for children? Is it because of its dull space, if for this reason, why don’t we feel the same when we are in a concrete room? Is it because of its temperature, smell or color?

With this installation of size that allows it to fit two people in order to simulate an experience of animals inside cardboard. It could also be seen as a performance with the participation of the public. And the materials come from packaging accompanied by consumption of the same brand. From here a paradox was born that is not foreseeable between the basic need to have a safe space such as a bed to sleep and the vain value of luxury consumption.