Julieta Hsiung

the ballerina spins by herself

Variable measures Installation


In a poem by Friedrich Hölderlin, he eloquently expressed that people, in a poetic sense, truly inhabit the earth through reading and walking. Each day, we clothe our skin with garments, don masks to conceal our emotions, and wear shoes to protect our delicate soles, shielding them from stains, wounds, and any potential discomfort. Yet, deep down, there exists a longing for a moment when our minds can shed these layers of clothing and footwear, allowing us to become raw and unguarded, embracing the dust and ruggedness of existence, and once more savoring the earth's fragrant essence within the world.

Bailarina Bailarina

the ballerina spins by herself Plaster foot model, glass, soundscape, video mapping.

As the suspended piece of feet hovers in space, bathed in the interplay of light and shadow cast by the projection, and starts its slow rotation, the metaphor of pain and violence undergoes an unexpected metamorphosis into new aesthetic possibilities. In this moment, the artwork transforms into a living organism, capable of experiencing suffering, fragility, yet possessing the profound potential for enduring vitality and invincibility.

Within this immersive 10-minute experiential space, the boundaries of perceiving art transcend mere visual observation, expanding into the realms of auditory perception, tactile sensation, and boundless imagination. It invites us to engage with art on a multisensory level, embracing the fusion of sight, sound, touch, and creative contemplation.

Bailarina Bailarina Bailarina