Julieta Hsiung

The invisible Ink

3'03'' Videoart


The electronic stylus contracts at the touch of the hand, releasing a cascade of golden creativity, yet it remains indifferent to any surface beyond its contractual domain: be it skin, walls, or other screens.

Humans possess an inherent need to inscribe their creative essence onto surfaces, be it through the written word, artistry on canvas, or even the application of makeup. To enable these endeavors, we've developed an array of tools. In our modern technological era, we've witnessed the emergence of computerized creative instruments—keyboards and digitized pens among them—each capable of independent operation on specific surfaces, irrespective of the medium they engage with.

Contemplating this invention, I found myself pondering the inherent futility of technology, the calculated strategies of consumerism, and the intricate interplay between technology and human nature. Within the video presentation, I embarked on an experiment, utilizing an Apple Pencil to enact creative actions upon unconventional surfaces. However, the Apple Pencil's functionality is constrained by contractual agreements, rendering my efforts futile and, in a sense, absurd.

Simultaneously, this curtailment of functionality underscores the influence of consumerist strategies. It brings to mind the intricate relationship between cameras and lenses: the initial choice of camera brand can significantly limit future lens options, dictated by brand-specific constraints.

The fusion of organic elements with technology imbues the narrative with a sense of mystique and mechanical aesthetics. Objects symbolized by the Apple Pencil, as metaphors for technological advancement, hold the promise of deeper integration into our daily lives, potentially reshaping our bodies and lifestyles.

Within this context, the Apple Pencil assumes the visage of a harbinger of future objects, such as portable devices capable of tending to plant life or automated makeup application tools. Against the backdrop of the video, it functions as a metaphorical "Invisible Ink," leaving traces imperceptible to the human eye. In doing so, it embodies the boundless potentiality inherent in our ever-evolving world of technological products.

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