Julieta Hsiung

Cement bubbles

Variable measures sculpture


The soap material evokes memories of childhood, cleanliness, self-care, and the ephemeral nature of existence. When soap solidifies, it takes on a visual resemblance to fat, but it's the musky aroma it exudes that reveals its true essence. On the other hand, soap dissolves in water, while cement hardens upon contact with it. The fusion of these two materials into a biological form that mimics legs serves as a powerful metaphor for the journey of human development.

This process mirrors the transition from innocence to maturity, a transformation that encompasses moments of ignorance and emotional numbness. These shifts are often instigated by a series of external changes, such as political control. In this artistic exploration, the interplay of soap and cement becomes a compelling symbol for the multifaceted evolution of human life, shaped by both internal and external forces.


Cement bubbles soap, cement, metal bar

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