Julieta Hsiung

What i have for dinner?

Environment Art


Based on Tai's reconfiguration of everyday objects and space, it prompts the question: "ART?"

On one hand, this is a profound inquiry into the very concept of Art itself. At TAI, an art school, students from diverse disciplines engage with art on a daily basis, perpetually grappling with the haunting question, "What is art?"

The query posed by the painted tables and chairs resonates deeply with the notion of Environment Art, as defined by Allan Kaprow. It seeks to stimulate critical thinking through immersive participation, offering an opportunity to ponder a series of themes. These themes encompass artistic manipulation, the blurred boundaries between art and life, and ultimately, the commercialization of the art world.


What i have for dinner? Painted tables and chairs in the Tai yard. (TAI Escuela Universitaria de Artes, Spain.)


What i have for dinner? Poster design


What i have for dinner? Thousands ways to to interact with ART