Julieta Hsiung


Nail polish painting on watercolor paper, 20 x 30 cm



F Nail polish painting on watercolor paper, 20 x 30 cm

Nail polish stands as a fully realized chemical product, laden with contemporary semantic associations that touch upon decoration, feminism, and LGBTQ themes.

In my artistic endeavor, I took thick watercolor paper and meticulously divided it into a series of grids. In the heart of this grid, I applied brush strokes that mirrored the precise motion of applying nail polish to real nails. This application process involved a sequence of artistic brushstrokes, each one meticulously connected with patience and precision. It's a process that demands thoughtful consideration of composition, color usage, the intrinsic nature of the material, and more. Remarkably, one can discern an infinite similarity between this cosmetic ritual and the act of artistic creation itself.

The resulting image, aptly named 'F,' holds deeper significance. This particular letter, 'F,' serves as the initial letter of the word 'female' in numerous languages. Yet, the image isn't merely a representation of this linguistic symbol; it endeavors to explore the contemporary deconstruction, expansion, and dissolution of gender definitions. It delves into the evolving complexities of gender identity within modern contexts.