Julieta Hsiung


Videoart 2''38'



"Jade" is a video art project that blends various artistic languages, such as scenography, site-specific art, and performance, with the aim of reshaping a mental space at Escuela TAI. In this context, a fictional character named "Jade," a vampire who works at the school during the day and resides in a room at the corner of the stairs at night, has been created.

This video art is presented as a pseudo-documentary that documents the life of the vampire inhabiting the institution, both when she roams the building at night and when she carries out her activities in her room. Accompanying this work is a soundtrack composed of poems written by the protagonist herself. To create this project, various artificial intelligence technologies were employed, including elements such as AI-generated poems, enigmatic voice, camera effects, and lighting. In my opinion, the fictional nature of artificial intelligence technologies is suitably aligned with the theme of this project, which revolves around the exploration of fiction.

The objective of "Jade" is to distort the everyday experience of being in an institutional space, prompting viewers to question whether the space existed previously, who inhabits it, and whether there is indeed a vampire living there. Alongside this psychological manipulation that accompanies the visit to the piece, the project transcends mere physical presence and becomes a legendary entity that endures in an immortal way.


Archive of photography

Jade Video, 2''38'